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You have surfed into a tribute site to some of the best in BBC comedies, captured here in the form of Windows95 Desktop Themes for you to download and enjoy. Good evening everybody, yes it's the irrepressible Rowan Atkinson in another hit BBC TV Comedy The Thin Blue Line. This is the term used by the police to define their role in society - the barrier between social order and chaos. The Thin Blue Line is another collaboration between writer/producer Ben Elton and comedy actor Rowan Atkinson and with this winning partnership, responsible for many of the Black Adder episodes, the BBC have another hit comedy series in The Thin Blue Line.

The cast of The Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line features a hapless collection of police enforcers who stretch the term to it's absolute limits - you can't get much thinner than this lot! Rowan Atkinson is superb as Inspector Raymond Fowler, ably supported by Serena Evans as Sgt. Patricia Dawkins (Sgt. Darling) both of whom have a thing for each other. The CID skeptic is played by David Haig as Detective Inspector Derek Grim (Grim by name, Grim by nature!) and the comedy is really turned up when ever Constable Kevin Goody a gay bobby played by James Dreyfus who is just superb in this role! (watch yer Curly Whirly!) Constable Habib (Mina Anwar), Constable Gladstone (Rudolph Walker) and Detective Constable Cray (Kevin Allen) make up the other principle cast members as other members of the force.

There have been two series so far of The Thin Blue Line each series being 7 episodes. The first episode of series one screened on 13th November 1995 and ran until 26th December 1995. The second series aired on 14th November 1996 and ran through to 23rd December 1996.

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Thin Blue Line Desktop Theme

The eleventh desktop theme in a series featuring primarily hit TV comedies features the cast and characters of the BBC TV comedy the Thin Blue Line.

The Desktop Theme features themed start-up and shutdown screens, a choice of 2 different 1024x768 hi-colour wallpapers, animated cursors and new desktop icons. Completely overhauls and made Windows 98 compliant, Version 2 of this theme released in March 2000 now comes complete with a full feature screensaver including optional sounds. The theme also includes updated windows sound files featuring some of the fun characters from the show. Full installation instructions are provided and the whole theme is available in a convenient zip file to download.

If you don't have a copy of Microsoft Plus! help is at hand in the form of Desktop Themes, a shareware desktop theme manager published by Jonathan Potter at Left Side Software. To get your copy of this excellent shareware theme manager click on Theme Managersto get your copy.

Desktop Theme

The following thumbnails will give you an idea of the screens used in this theme.

Startup Screen

Desktop Backdrop Alternative Desktop Backdrop

Waiting to Shutdown Shutdown Screen

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