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Welcome to a web site dedicated to providing original quality Desktop Themes for you to download and enjoy. With over 30 TV comedy themes to choose from be sure you visit the rest of the website before leaving - click on Frames or No Frames to access the main menu. This web page features a desktop theme originally by Brendan Van Mater - The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Heavily enhanced and expanded by this desktop theme features a second BBC TV sci-fi sitcom from the 80's.

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is the satirical invention of Douglas Adams which originated as a radio play prior to its transformation into a novel and finally serialised for TV under the hand of Alan J. Bell. The HHG appeared in 1981 and followed a number of other low budget sci-fi productions by the BBC. However, this show stood out if only for the superior (well for the BBC at least) special effects with sophisticated computer animation converting the viewers guide to the Guide when necessary. About the only sane think about this cult TV series was the voice of the Guide read by Peter Jones. But what was the Hitchhikers Guide?

Seconds before the Earth is destroyed by a Vogan Constructor Fleet to make way for a hyper-space by-pass!, Ford Perfect (David Dixon), an alien from the planet Betelgeuse and researcher for the best-selling intergalactic reference book, The Hitchhikers Guide, rescues typical Englishman Arthur Dent (Simon Jones) from impending doom. Arthur surprised to hear that Ford Perfect is not from Guildford, finds himself on a journey through space, where he meets such exotic beings as part-time, two headed Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox (Mark Wing-Davey) and his starship pilot girl-friend Trillion (Sandra Dickinson), Marvin the paranoid Android ("I think you should know I'm feeling very depressed"), the un-poetic Vogons, the useless Golgafrinchians and a pair of pan dimensional beings who are searching for the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ran on BBC2 for six thirty-five minute episodes in 1981 and was an immediate cult hit with the English sci-fi freaks. Now classified as a brilliant satire on modern times, the "Guest Stars" were something of an in-house joke and included Peter Davidson (Dickenson's husband and the sixth incarnation of the long running sci-fi series Dr. Who) and David Prowse, perhaps the worlds most anonymous sci-fi baddie, who played Darth Vader in the mega movie Star Wars.

President Zaphod Beeblebronx - Why do people wear digital watches?

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Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Desktop Theme

This enhanced Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Desktop Theme originally by Brendan Van Mater has improved features including themed start-up and shutdown screens, a choice of three hi-colour (24-bit) desktop wallpaper, animated cursor set and themed desktop icons. Also included are new windows sounds taken from the show. I have added a full feature screensaver made using Screen Saver Deluxe. To install the theme, screensaver and start-up/shutdown screens automatically use WinZip to extract to C:\ ensuring you select All Files and Use Folder Names from the options available. A Readme file is available for further installation instructions.

If you don't have a copy of Microsoft Plus! help is at hand in the form of Desktop Themes, a shareware desktop theme manager published by Jonathan Potter at Left Side Software. Click on to get your copy.

Desktop Theme

The following thumbnails will give you an idea of the screens used in this theme.

Start-up Screen Desktop Wallpaper 1

Desktop Wallpaper 2 Desktop Wallpaper 3

Waiting to Shutdown Shutdown Screen

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